BioScan SRT combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy. The BioScan Device is used to take Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) readings on a Client.  The BioScanSRT software gathers the GSR responses of the Client and analyzes these responses against a wide variety of digital signatures of items which are known to potentially cause stress to the body. These “stressors” are widely varying items including foods, environmental contaminants, chemicals, nutraceuticals, toxins, emotional patterns and many more.

BioScan MSA assesses acupoints that are related to the body’s major organs and systems. This technology helps determine how organs, glands, and bodily systems are performing. In minutes, the assessment reveals acute and chronic problems.

Your Appointment

An initial appointment will include both MSA and SRT scans. The MSA is an FDA cleared, non-invasive scan that assesses acupoints related to the body’s major organs and systems, including Liver, Kidneys, Lymphatic, Nervous, and Endocrine systems. It provides valuable information about how your whole body is performing which allows us to identify and prioritize the areas that need support the most.

We then move on to the SRT, which is another FDA-Cleared, non-invasive and painless scan used to dig deeper and find what is stressing the body and causing inflammation, whether it is food or environmental sensitivities/allergies, chemical exposure, emotional imbalances, etc. The SRT can scan hundreds of substances in matter of minutes. Anna can then immediately support the body to react differently to those stressors and balance the body with the SRT cold laser.

Using the information gathered from these two scans, Anna will team up with you to put together a customized plan that will support your body through the healing process… No one-size-fits-all approach!

For follow-up appointments, only one of the scans is performed. Which scan we use depends on your individual needs.

Professional Supplements

There is not a one size fits all approach to supplementation. Each person has unique nutritional and biological support needs. Stop wasting valuable time and money on supplements that are not right for you. Together we will test your body and determine exactly what supplementation is needed to support your unique needs.