Anna Boron, CHHP, BCTN

Anna was born in Chicago, IL, moved to Mexico City at 4 years of age, and returned to the US in her late teen years. She was always fascinated with the human body and had planned on becoming a doctor. Life happened, as it often does, and she went to school for business instead. She worked in the airline industry for some years, then off to the mortgage industry as an Underwriter. The passion for health remained. She was always learning about natural remedies, nutrition, enjoyed cooking and baking from scratch as much as possible. In her late 20s, her health began declining: new allergies, asthma, digestive issues, thyroid issues (especially after having her babies!).

Not only did she want to keep her kids healthy as naturally as possible, but the medical establishment did not have much to offer to help her health issues, just pile on the medications, continue to experience most of the symptoms. Thyroid? “It is in the normal range”. To this add some health concerns her kids were experiencing (even though they were “healthier than most”) and that explains why she became determined to figure out a better way. Between dietary changes and eliminating as many toxins from her family’s diet and home environment, magic truly happened! She was then blessed with meeting a wonderful practitioner who was able to guide her efforts to regain her, and her family’s, health. Anna knew then that this is what she wanted to do with the rest of her life: help others regain, and keep, their health.

Anna graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health as a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner in 2019. While working on her courses through Trinity, she acquired her BioScan MSA and SRT, and became certified as a BioScan practitioner. In November of 2019, she became Board Certified as a Traditional Naturopath by the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP). In January of 2020, Phoenix Natural Health and Wellness Center, LLC opened its doors in Wautoma, WI where she has been working with clients of all ages and backgrounds and loving every minute of it.

Since Phoenix NHWC was founded, Anna has continued pursuing education. She has become certified as a Master Herbalist and Lyme Specialist through Trinity School of Natural Health. She also received a Diploma as a Digestive Health Specialist from the Food Enzyme Institute in 2023.