I was so happy and impressed with the information the BioScan provided!  It accurately identified conditions I already knew I had, but hadn’t yet been able to successfully manage, AND provided so much additional insight!  With Anna’s help, I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of what was going on in my body as well as support options that improved my symptoms and overall health.  Not only will I be a repeat client, but I’ve also brought my other family members for BioScans as well, and we’ve all been very happy with the results.            Bernadette.



I can honestly say scheduling an appointment with Anna Boron from Phoenix NHWC was one of the greatest choices I have made when it comes to my health. I struggle with various autoimmune disorders. Anna has not only supplied me with healthy medicinal alternatives but has given me tips to better my health. All of this while not breaking the bank or getting poked and prodded with needles! If I have a health question that Anna doesn’t have an answer to, she will do research until she has a solution. Anna’s shop is a one stop haven for those looking for assistance with their health without filling their bodies with chemicals or getting blood drawn. Anna doesn’t recommend a supplement unless she truly believes it will help. I can tell this business is not about making money, but rather helping those who truly need it. I value everything I’ve learned from Anna, and I know she can help you too! Your body will thank you.                   Sara M.



I have seen Anna myself, along with a few of my children, for various reasons ranging from severe eczema and allergies to heartburn and digestive issues.  Each appointment she offers us such wisdom and knowledge on the different holistic options available.  She is always so kind, patient and thoughtful, and I truly enjoy our conversations and learning so much from her at our visits. I also appreciate that her Christian Faith is deeply integrated into her approach to holistic wellness for her clients. We each have seen tremendous improvements in our issues and we will continue to trust her with our care.  We are blessed to have her here in our local area, and if you are looking for an alternative to conventional medicine to help you with your health issues, I couldn’t recommend her enough.             Renee



Anna Boron has the education, dedication, and desire to work with anyone who is serious about addressing one’s individual health and wellness issues. Whether you are looking to maintain better functional health, or looking for the root causes of a health issue by seeking a nutritional health pathway; Anna Boron will take an in-depth look at one’s health history, diet, and nutrition. Mrs. Boron will use your information to educate and empower you to make the best choices in finding natural health solutions. I trust Anna in her approach and care taken to insure your health interests. Your health is of her highest concern.                   James Johnson



I was amazed at how the first scan revealed the areas of my body needing possible attention. Many of those areas I knew about, but others were showing up ahead of any symptoms. In time, those new areas were showing themselves. Following that first scan, the enzymes I started, immediately made me feel energetic, over-all healthier & I dropped extra pounds & inches that I never expected!  Anna is so patient, kind, & knowledgeable, that is refreshing from “conventional health care”. She recommends just the minimum of supplements so I know what is working. It’s great to balance the whole body in the wellness plan.                  Pat