How EVOX Perception Reframing Can Improve your Health, Relationships, and Performance

The EVOX experience opens you to new ways of seeing things. This is called perception reframing.

Perception Reframing can positively impact any aspect of:

  1. Personal Health – Health conditions involve perception, and reframing perception on health issues may improve the way you feel.
  2. Interpersonal Relationships – A better relationship with your spouse, dealing with a problem child, or enjoying your time with coworkers.
  3. Personal Performance – Improve your sports performance, increase your ability to focus, or become a faster learner at school or at work. Perception Reframing increases your ability to choose, it moves you to a position of choice rather than reaction. It can be profound because perception creates personal reality.

When you speak, your voice carries the energy of how you perceive or see the topic you are speaking about. The EVOX records your voice energy and plots it on a graph called a Perception Index (PI). The EVOX then uses your PI to determine frequency signatures that are most useful to you. It then sends those signatures to the Hand Cradle as electrical impulses, while you listen to relaxing music and think about the topic you are speaking of. This process is repeated to create changes in the voice pattern. These changes allow us to see when old perceptions -which may be stuck, and damaging – are released, allowing you to become free to choose better ways!

Every Perception Index (PI) is topic specific. Excess voice energy indicates personal perception of the topic.

  • Yellow indicates a zone with a level three or high excess amount of voice energy.
  • Blue indicates a zone with a level one or low excess amount of voice energy.
  • Gray shows the entire voice energy across all zones.
  • White shows zones containing negligible amounts of voice energy.
  • Black shows overall excess voice energy.
  • Green indicates a zone with a level two or medium excess amount of voice energy.
  • Red indicates a zone with a level four or extreme excess amount of voice energy.

Perception Index Zones

  1. Unacknowledged
  2. Repetitive Thinking
  3. Sadness
  4. Emotionally Disconnected
  5. Self-Critical
  6. Conditional Love
  7. Anger
  8. Fearful and Overwhelmed
  9. Suppressed Emotions
  10. Unworthy / Undeserving
  11. Rigid Beliefs
  12. Conflicting Beliefs

What People Are Saying about the EVOX

Several subtle changes occurred within me during my first session, the power and impact of which became increasingly clear as time went on. The work and its impact deepened with the second session, and I’ve been noticing positive differences in my moods, energy, and attitude ever since.–R. A.

I can’t believe how much junk does not bother me! This last session sort of knocked something loose. I’m doing so well, it is ridiculous! Mean people & stressful situations have absolutely NO effect on me. Another thing; I used to run from stressful situations and avoid possible conflict at all costs. I would literally start to have a panic attack. Gone! How cool is that! I keep thinking “I’m not freaking out about this or that.” –R. L.

I am so amazed and very pleased with the energetic shifts in my thinking, and noticeable changes in my behavior, which are the result of Perception Reframing sessions. –E.B.